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5 Ways to Justify a Document Management System Investment


Companies continue to be hesitant with IT investments during today's unpredictable economy. Budgets remain tight and IT leaders are forced to justify every dollar that is spent. Before making a document management system purchase, it is very important to calculate the anticipated return on investment (ROI).  When it comes to document management, calculating the ROI can feel a little elusive. However, measuring the ROI of a document management system is not as difficult as some may think.


5 ways to measure and track a document management system ROI are as follows:


1. Time Savings

Searching for information is very time consuming. If an employee can quickly find information using a document management system, the freed up time can be refocused on other business priorities. For example, your organization can leverage distributed multifunction printers (MFPs) with a document management system and turn the devices into a cornerstone of your business processes. MFPs can automate office activities, such as invoice handling, by enabling individuals to scan documents directly into a document management system workflow that routes the document to specific departments or colleagues. The process saves on employee time and postage fees.


2. Document Storage and Transportation Costs

Storing digital documents in a California document management system eliminates filing cabinets, reducing office space requirements and storage fees. For example, consider the impact on space if your organization could remove 50 or more four-drawer lateral cabinets and moving four full-time staffers to other positions.


Time spent, transportation costs and gas emissions affiliated with shipping hard-copy documents from multiple locations or to an offsite storage facility can be greatly reduced with a document management system. Off-site document storage facilities also require additional energy to light, heat, cool and maintain. Your organization can eliminate thousands of dollars annually by reducing the need for daily mail deliveries between sites and the need for courier drivers.


3. Compliance

Staying compliant is a cost of doing business in regulated industries. To maintain compliance, many documents must be kept secure and confidential while at the same time easily accessible by those who need access to the information.

Document management systems can help your organization meet compliance requirements with features that include audit trails, permissions and digital signatures. Document management systems store digital documents in a secure web repository that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users who have security rights to the information can search by keywords (e.g. client names, dates, invoice numbers, case numbers and any other keywords deemed important to locate a document). Document management systems can decrease the risk of paying fines that could add up to thousands of dollars because they help facilitate timely and complete regulatory audit requests.


4. Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is ultimately the key to any business. Efficient business processes and improved client response time (e.g. to citizens or customers) greatly impact a client's experience and loyalty. California document management systems can greatly reduce turnaround times to clients, help organizations provide faster customer service and thereby increase satisfaction rates and repeat business.


5. More Productive Employees

Workplace productivity is one of the most important measures of business success. Successful organizations leverage employees and technology to improve customer service, internal decision-making and quality of the products and services they provide. Document management systems can drastically cut the time needed to get work done, freeing employees to focus on more important and revenue-generating tasks.


With document management systems, employees have instant access to information from anywhere. Employees are more likely to work all over the country and even the world in today's economic reality. Document management systems facilitate online collaboration and make it much easier for employees to work together whether they are across the hallway or across the globe.


About Peelle Tech

Since 1996, Peelle Tech has been providing organizations with a single, trusted source for California document management services and solutions. Headquartered in Campbell, California, Peelle Tech employs a team of experienced document management professionals with a combination of hands-on production knowledge and technical expertise.
Peelle Tech is proud to be both a CMAS (California Multiple Award Schedules) approved contractor and a certified California Small Business. Our document scanning service bureaus currently produce millions of images per month for clients in vertical markets/industries that include Government (all levels), Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Services and Transportation.


As a systems integrator, Peelle Tech is committed to partnering with best-of-breed software and hardware manufacturers like Laserfiche, Kofax, EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender, Kodak and Fujitsu. These strong partnerships provide our clients with innovative, integrated California document management and imaging solutions that meet unique requirements and stand the test of time. Having cultivated successful, long-term relationships with clients from virtually every industry segment, Peelle Tech has emerged as a leader among independent California document management companies.


Contact Peelle Tech, a California document management company, at (800) 233-5006 or for more information.

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