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Fast and Efficient PDF Scanning Services in California

Business processes that rely on paper are costing your organization time and money. Shelving, printing, square footage costs and document-filing labor costs are just a few examples of unnecessary paper-related costs. A California PDF scanning service from Peelle Tech will reduce costs, increase organizational efficiency and make it easier for your organization to comply with regulatory requirements.


PDF Scanning Services Overview

Peelle Tech’s PDF scanning services allow your company or government agency to take advantage of the most advanced paper to digital scanning and data capture technologies the market has to offer. With our PDF scanning service bureau facilities in California, Peelle Tech is prepared to address both your high-volume back-file projects and your day-forward PDF scanning requirements so that your organization is not distracted from its core competencies. Our PDF scanning services can be completed at your site or at our California PDF scanning production facility. We are certified and recognized for our security and compliance standards.

Private corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions are redesigning their business processes by replacing paper-based workflows with an electronic exchange of information. PDF scanning services are critical to this business workflow transition.


Peelle Tech’s PDF scanning services can eliminate your organization’s paper by converting them into easy to search and read PDF documents. PDF scanning is attractive to organizations for a variety of reasons:

  1. Compression: Converting paper files to PDF using a PDF scanning service bureau will create files that are compressed and comparatively small in file size. Images in particular can be greatly compressed, making it easy for users to email and save PDF records.
  2. Portability: PDF scanning converts your information into a platform independent format. For example, a file that was originally created in a Windows application can be converted to PDF as part of a PDF scanning service so that any user on any system can view the information – not only Windows but also UNIX or Macintosh for example.
  3. Security (Encryption, Digital Signatures): PDF scanning supports different levels of encryption, access control, and digital signatures. This makes PDF scanning an attractive option for processing sensitive documents that are sent over the Internet or used in web browser applications. PDF documents can be encrypted such that their contents cannot be reconstructed without knowing the password.
  4. Free Adobe Reader Document Viewer: One of the main factors that contributed to the success of PDF as a viable format for PDF scanning services is the free viewer. Once your paper records have been converted to PDF with a PDF scanning service, Adobe’s PDF reader can be easily downloaded to any computer. Any user can view your digital PDF records at no charge by simply downloading Adobe Reader (most systems already have this installed).
  5. Integration: Adobe's PDF specification goes into great depth and contains explicit details on all aspects of PDF. This makes it possible to integrate PDF with other applications at your organization.

All Types of Paper Formats are Supported by the Peelle Tech PDF Scanning Service

Our PDF scanning services are capable of converting:

  • Checks
  • Invoices
  • Books
  • Small–format paper up to legal-size files
  • Large–format paper (e.g. building plans and engineering drawings)
  • And more

PDF Scanning to Digital PDFs

PDF, developed by Adobe Systems, is an acronym for Portable Document Format. PDF scanning services give you the security and peace-of-mind that your paper records are being scanned into a world-wide industry standard (International Standards Organization – ISO-320000). PDF scanning converts your paper records to a digital format (PDF) that has become the de facto standard for the digital exchange of documents and information over the Internet.

Image Processing Services

Following the PDF scanning process, Peelle Tech offers a full suite of image enhancements and data extraction techniques. Learn more about Peelle's image processing services.

Flexible Data Delivery Options


After the PDF scanning process is complete, Peelle Tech can deliver your converted PDF documents in a variety of ways:

Contact Peelle Tech, a California PDF scanning company, at (800) 233-5006 or for more information.

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