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What is Document Management: An Overview

Peelle Tech believes that document management is a term that is often over-used and not so well defined. Many California-based organizations that could benefit from a document management solution might be confused and frustrated as they try to learn and research about potential document management solutions in California. In this brief article, we’ll give you a few of the document management basics that will help make your research easier to conduct.


What is a Document?

A document used to mean a piece of paper. Nowadays, emails, email attachments, web pages, forms, microfilm, microfiche, etc. can be considered a document of some kind. The first way to dissect all of these various types of documents within your organization is to first determine whether they are analog or electronic (digital). Analog documents are on paper, microfilm, microfiche or aperture cards. Electronic documents are essentially everything else (e.g. emails, Word documents, spreadsheets, emails, attachments).


Some software vendors promoting their document management solutions refer to either analog documents or electronic, digital documents (or refer only to a particular type of analog or digital document).  For example, when Microsoft refers to document management for SharePoint, the company is referring to managing a sub-set of digital documents (documents created with Microsoft Office).  Other vendors and solutions providers refer to either all analog documents and no digital or all digital documents and no analog. Some vendors even refer to document management as using computer software to manage content that continues to stay in analog format without actually converting the analog content to a digital format (e.g. sitting as paper in file cabinets or microfilm in a storage vault). As a result of this, it is easy to get confused.


Consider the following in order to simplify the definition of a document:

  • Analog Document Management - is the vendor talking about document conversion or document imaging – converting physical paper or microfilm into a digital format? Or, is the vendor offering a solution that will manage the analog documents in their paper or microfilm form? If so, how will you retrieve the document when you actually need to read it?
  • Digital Document Management - does the vendor refer to all kinds of digital documents regardless of format or is the vendor referring to only one type of digital document?
  • Comprehensive Document Management – is the vendor referring to the ability to manage physical documents as well as all types of digital formats?

What does “Management” mean in Document Management?

The word "management" in document management can be ill-defined by many vendors. What kind of management is the vendor referring to? What business purpose does the management have for your organization? Basic document management elements almost always come standard with a solution, but your organization is often unique and it will require some unique document management processes. Standard document management functionality includes check-in/check-out (so that multiple users can’t work on the same document at the same time) and the ability to track different document versions.


Higher levels of document management software functionally might involve the ability to group various documents together in virtual folders and redacting content (blocking out - either temporarily or permanently) inside the document depending on who is looking at it. Security, distribution controls, document grouping and document staging relative to the business process requirements are examples of advanced levels of document management functionality.


Document Management: Bringing it All Together

In general terms, document management refers to software that is installable at your organization or as software as a service. A typical document management solution that is installable at your organization will include hardware such as scanners, servers and data storage. The document management software will typically be installed on computer workstations within your department. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a new term in the industry which refers to the complete outsourcing of the solution. Rather than installing the hardware and software at your organization, you enable a solution provider (like Peelle Tech) to store your digital documents at a secure data center. Rather than paying an upfront payment, you simply pay by the month, accessing digital records from a web-enabled interface.


All document management solutions require the following, key components (in addition to scanners, servers and data storage):

  • Document Capture (Scanning) Software: migrating paper documents into the computing environment requires scanning software that can create high quality digital images, extract metadata for indexing purposes and release the digital documents and metadata to the document management software.
  • Document Management Software: this software has the ability to organize, secure and enable users to quickly retrieve documents according to the requirements of the business process. In order to perform this task, the document management software may require additional technical capabilities such as records management software to secure and preserve documents for eDiscovery and regulatory purposes and workflow software to automate the process of moving documents and related metadata throughout a business process.

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