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Document Hosting: Document Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Cloud versus SaaS versus Document Hosting: What is the Difference?

Cloud-based computing solutions and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are hot, industry buzzwords right now. What exactly are these new technologies and how do they apply to the document scanning and document management industry? “The cloud” can broadly be defined as an IT infrastructure that users can rent on a monthly basis. The IT infrastructure rented can vary greatly – the most common type of cloud offerings involve computer processing and storage as a service – users simply rent computer resources and storage space on a monthly basis to run applications and store data.


Other providers offer a specific application as a service – software as a service – or SaaS. SaaS providers typically provide the computing and storage infrastructure along with a very specific application that they design, develop and support. If you are familiar with or if you are a Google Gmail user (a no cost email application as a service), you understand SaaS. Peelle Tech offers organizations the value of SaaS with document hosting.


Why Consider Document Hosting?

Document hosting can best be described as offering a document management application as a service. Rather than making a capital investment in a document management system that your IT department installs and supports, your organization can access information from a document management system over the Internet. Information as well as the document management system remains hosted at Peelle Tech's secure data center - managed, protected and secured by Peelle Tech's IT.


State and local governments contending with budget shortfalls and declining tax revenues are taking a closer look at document hosting because it can transform upfront capital expenditures into smoother, lower operational monthly payments. Government entities considering the cloud and SaaS offerings in general (e.g. messaging, collaboration, customer relationship management) should also look at document hosting as a viable means to free up expenses, yet continue to convert paper documents and provide the applications necessary to index and make this unstructured information available to workers, citizens and customers.


Key Document Hosting Drivers: Budgets and Familiarity

The state and local budget crunch contributes to the current interest in SaaS and document hosting, but other factors including diminishing in-house IT resources also play a role.


Many state and local governments find it hard to support all of the software and hardware that various agencies need, including document management applications. Agencies facing this type of pressure are perfect candidates for document hosting. Moving to a service model that includes document hosting is one of the next evolutionary steps for a state or local government. Document hosting provides a manageable cost model, minimizes risks and removes the cost of upgrades and enhancements from the budget. Cost savings and speed of deployment also contribute to the decision to implement a document hosting solution.


Another draw for document hosting and SaaS: the idea has been around for a while now so state and local agencies feel more at ease with on-demand solutions like document hosting.


Peelle Tech offers CingleFile as a hosted, SaaS document hosting solution. Peelle Tech's document hosting solution provides all of the features and benefits of a client/server or locally installed browser-based system without the investment in hardware, software or the resources required to administer the system. Peelle Tech's CingleFile enables users to simply login to their secure system to gain access to the documents and files from anywhere in the world. Because the hardware, software and security systems are already installed at the CingleFile network centers, your business can literally roll out a document management solution within 24 hours.


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