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Document Imaging: The Benefits of Going Paperless

Even though computers and applications have been core to organizations for decades, the paperless office vision has been more dream than reality. In fact, some argue that technology has made the paper problem even worse. One place this has been particularly true is in government. Most government entities are heavily paper-based. It has a lot to do with culture and habit. Document imaging services and enterprise content management systems are both key solutions to reducing the amount of paper moving through business processes.


Document Imaging Services Reduce Document Retrieval Time

Many organizations split departments between a digital world (e.g. Microsoft documents, PDFs and perhaps SharePoint to manage the content) and paper stored in filing cabinets and folders. Employees may be forced to archive their work completed on paper. This could involve packing boxes, creating an inventory of what is in the box, contacting the archives for pickup and then sending the box to the archives. Retrieving paper documents might require another multistep process (identifying the box, contacting the archives and having the box delivered).


Document imaging services can convert all paper files to a digital format, making the digital records available for storage and organization within an electronic content management system. Employees not only benefit from saving time, but so do customers, who might have to bear the slow response time to documents that are requested. An electronic content management system can take customer response time from days to minutes and dramatically improve customer service.

Document imaging services combined with an electronic content management system can enhance customer service in other ways. Once your information has been digitized with a document imaging service, you can offer your customers self-service. Think of how easy it is for you to log on to your bank account and download a check image on your own. Apply this analogy to your own organizational records and think how easy you could make it for your own customers to access and download required information. Document imaging services like this can lead to competitive differentiation and more revenue to your organization.


Operational Efficiency Drives Document Imaging and ECM Expansion

Ultimately, your organization needs to reap tangible benefits, including saving money, improving customer service, increasing efficiency and reducing your organization's paper footprint. Without a clear strategy of what you want to do and what your organizational goals are, document imaging services and electronic content management technologies may not reach their potential.


Experienced resellers like Peelle Tech that undertake projects like this on a regular basis can share experiences and best practices from other organizations. Experience like this can be a real key to success with your document imaging initiative. You need to think about how you can fundamentally change your business to improve your service using document imaging services and electronic content management systems. By focusing on the end results, you'll be sure to optimize your existing business process by greatly reducing the amount of paper flowing through your organization.


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