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Document Imaging Services Meet the Cloud with Document Hosting Offerings

State and local governments contending with budget shortfalls and declining tax revenues are taking a closer look at Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing. Messaging, collaboration and customer relationship management (CRM) are often cited as options for SaaS, but government agencies should also be aware that document imaging services can be easily converted to document hosting solutions. Agencies can combine an outsourced document imaging service with document hosting as a viable cloud option to reduce labor and IT capital expenditures.


Budgets and Familiarity: Key Business Drivers to Convert Document Imaging Services to the Cloud

The SaaS model eliminates upfront software costs and hardware investment. In addition, state and local governments have a greater comfort level with cloud computing compared with previous years when the approach was still novel. It is now clear that document imaging services can be combined with a hosted offering that provides the true outsourced solution that many agencies are seeking not only the document imaging service but also the storage, management and access of digital images.


The state and local budget crunch contributes to the current interest in SaaS, but other factors including diminishing in-house IT resources also play a role. An aging workforce and the need for systems revitalization are driving the trend from standard document imaging and towards a document hosting SaaS model. Some government agencies are finding themselves hard-pressed to support all of the software and hardware that various agencies need when it comes to an on premise document management solution that manages digital information post document imaging process. This situation has set the stage for document imaging combined with SaaS.


Moving from a document imaging service to a document hosting and SaaS service model is one of the next evolutionary steps for a state or local government. It provides a manageable cost model, minimizes risks and removes the cost of upgrades and enhancements from the budget. The SaaS model's combination of cost savings and speed of deployment may also play a role in state and local buying decisions. If deploying document imaging concurrent with a SaaS solution is far less expensive and a lot quicker than traditional on premise document management systems, then that can be a very compelling model for an agency to consider.


Another draw for SaaS: The idea has been around for a while now, so state and local agencies feel more at ease with combining their document imaging requirements with on-demand solutions.


A few years ago, many government agencies were not familiar with the SaaS model and thus enthusiasm for it was not that great. Many organizations chose to continue with standard document imaging services that could be complemented with on premise document management solutions. Back then, SaaS was somewhat of a foreign word.


That said, document hosting solutions that leverage the cloud still face obstacles for government clients. Many state and local CIOs don't want to let sensitive data out into the public cloud - even in a SaaS environment. For example, welfare, unemployment, tax and health records are often cited as example information that is mandated to remain in internal data centers. For customers with these types of concerns, document imaging services combined with on premise document management solutions continue to be the most viable solution. There are hybrid models that are emerging in which databases containing sensitive data are stored in a private cloud while letting front-end Web servers in a public cloud.


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