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Peelle Technologies Document Scanning and Document Management Services Campbell, CA

Leveraging Searchable PDFs as Part of Your Document Imaging Solution

Improving workflow with a document imaging solution can be something between a dream and a nightmare for some organizations. Changing business processes and trying to undergo a document imaging solution can conjure up images of training, messy upgrades, complicated rules and lots of IT time. Bigger businesses can absorb this risk, but not smaller-to-medium sized businesses right? Not necessarily. Many organizations know that eventually a document imaging solution makes sense because the long-term benefits are real and the risk of falling behind the competition are certain. How do you get started? Peelle Tech is here to help.


The key is that you don't have to view a document imaging solution as a paperless solution immediately. Small- and medium-size businesses can undergo small, easy digital imaging solution steps to make the start of switching to digital document imaging and management less risky and less daunting.


Most organizations create a lot of paperwork. Examples include invoices, spreadsheets, proposals, contracts, legal documents and reports. Finding this information after it has been completed (e.g. so a previous proposal can be reviewed for the next proposal) is necessary. Trying to find hard copy paper documents stored in a file cabinet can be maddening. Even if the information starts out as a digital document, where will you store it so that you can find it easily? Folders on a share drive aren't exactly the easiest way to locate documents. Some derivative of a document imaging solution is often a requirement to solve this challenge.


Many companies have tried to implement their own method of a document imaging solution by scanning pages to create images, and then indexing them by client ID, invoice number or other information. It's a very labor-intensive process prone to errors and it does not help you when you want to find anything that hasn't been indexed, such as specific language in a contract or a specific delivery address.


A very easy document imaging solution is to scan documents to a searchable PDF file format. This allows you to create industry-standard, universally readable PDF-files. These PDF files can include items such as signatures, original fonts, handwritten notes and searchable text. For example, you could enter something like “contract” and find all documents that have that word. Peelle Tech's California document imaging solutions can help you set up a workflow that includes searchable PDFs.


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