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Introduction: Using California Document Management Systems to Increase Efficiency


California Document Management Challenges

Private and public organizations face regulations every day. Many vertical industries have strict compliance requirements to manage information, documents and records of all types. By combining document scanning services along with records and California document management systems, organizations can noticeably improve organizational efficiency. California document management systems can help your organization succeed by:

  • Saving money.
  • Generating revenue.
  • Saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Increasing productivity with the use of automation.

While California document scanning services and California document management systems have many benefits, they are complex undertakings that require a significant investment of both capital and staff. Because of the significant investment required, it is crucial that organizations thoughtfully evaluate their current and future needs before deciding on a solution.


California Document Management Systems

California document management systems are software applications that capture paper documents and a variety of electronic files while providing for the storage, retrieval, security and archiving of these documents. The document management process begins with the paper conversion of documents and records to electronic files. Document conversion eliminates many of the obstacles created by paper: slow retrieval times, misplaced and even lost original documents, copying processes that depend on knowledge worker labor and the inconvenience of off-site storage retrieval. Because paper files are also costly to copy, store and retrieve, scanning paper archives ultimately reduces overhead and ongoing operational expenses.


All California document management systems should have 5 basic components:

  1. Capture and import tools to bring documents into the system.
  2. Methods for storing and archiving documents.
  3. Indexing and retrieval tools to locate documents.
  4. Distribution tools for exporting documents from the system.
  5. Security to protect documents from unauthorized access.

California document management systems enable more efficient distribution of and control over information, files and records throughout your organization. These software programs simplify business procedures, document routing and email notification. California document management systems expedite business processes by allowing instant access to information; greater collaboration within and among departments and offices; enhanced security for files and records; and the application of procedures that facilitate compliance with record-keeping requirements imposed by SEC and FINRA regulations, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and others.


California document management systems make it possible to:

  • Manage millions of documents and retrieve the right one in seconds.
  • Share documents with colleagues while protecting confidential information.
  • Email and fax files instantly.
  • Access documents while traveling.
  • Publish documents to CD, DVD or the Web, as appropriate.
  • Back up files and records for disaster recovery.

To implement a successful document management system, you must choose the right system for your organization. This California document management systems web guide will enable you to take a consultative approach to choosing an appropriate solution, whether acting with a vendor or outside consultant or on your own. Once you understand your needs, as well as what solutions are available, you will be able to make better-informed decisions about what is appropriate for your organization.


The vendor you choose to facilitate your transition to digital California document management will play a major role in the overall success of your investment. Your vendor must make the commitment to learn how your organization currently organizes documents, what type of information you currently file and retrieve, and the specific rules and regulations you must adhere to. The more you know about your specific organizational needs and goals, the more easily you will be able to work with your vendor to develop a solution that will help you succeed.


We hope that you find this web-based version of Document Management Overview informative and useful. Peelle Tech wishes you the best of luck in your search for a document conversion and document management solution.


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