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Peelle Technologies Document Scanning and Document Management Services Campbell, CA

Document Scanning Benefits: A Brief Overview

There are many advantages that a document scanning solution brings to your organization and information. As the speed and efficiency of document scanning has improved dramatically in recent years, the cost of a document scanning has come down dramatically. The following are just a few advantages of document scanning no matter the type of document or the format you wish to scan your information to.


Saving Physical Space with Document Scanning

Office space is a premium and your physical documents can outgrow the space you have reserved to store them. Many companies calculate the actual cost of storage as well as the potential earning power of the space if it were made available. Document scanning services that can eliminate paper from the company can free up needed space for the organization.


Disaster Recovery: Backup of Your Information

Fire, flooding, earthquakes and other unforeseen disasters can pose an abrupt, total threat to your information. Do you have a second copy of your paper or microfilm records? If so, what is the cost to store that information? Document scanning services can not only eliminate the need for your primary, paper copy but also eliminate ongoing expenses to store secondary copies off-site. Once the information has been converted with a document scanning service, the digital files can be regularly protected with backup and recovery applications.


Eliminate the Threat of Paper Quality Degradation

Information is constantly degrading, through ageing and general use. Documents and drawings become torn, brittle and faded. Document scanning services will capture the exact image of the paper document. Digital formats do not degrade, ensuring that you have a copy of your information forever.


Time Saving and Easy Accessibility

Your knowledge workers are more productive when you can make information available to them, immediately at their desks. Document scanning eliminates the unproductive scenario of office staff wandering around looking for documents. Once your information has been digitally converted with a document scanning service, it can be made available over your network so that users can access information from their computers searching, viewing, printing and emailing information instantaneously. Decisions can be made faster and they tend to be more accurate. For example, companies working in shifts traditionally have restricted access to required information (e.g. the drawing office shuts down at 5:30pm). Information that has been digitized with a document scanning service can be made available 24 hours a day for employees.



Once you have converted your paper information to digital with a document scanning service, your information can be easily distributed, not just internally but externally (e.g. email), saving time, effort and postage costs.


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