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Document Scanning Considerations: Not All Document Scanning Companies are Equal

When looking for a document scanning company today, you will find that there are many organizations with many products and services to choose from. Some document scanning companies provide simple-to-use approaches for those looking for more out-of-the-box document scanning solutions, while others focus on providing flexible, scalable solutions fully optimized for large enterprise environments that have unique and, in some cases, complex requirements. A few key points to consider when evaluating a document scanning company are highlighted below. If your organization is looking for a document scanning company, it may be helpful to further consider these points when evaluating the right solution.


Does the Document Scanning Company Have Solutions for Both High Volume Batch Capture and Branch Office Ad Hoc Capture Environments?

Many organizations have document scanning requirements that involve a combination of both centralized high volume capture and distributed branch office scanning. Whether an organization is planning on doing one or both, making sure the document scanning company can solve all aspects of your document scanning and document management requirements today and allow an organization to expand in the future will ensure the right solution is purchased.


Does the Document Scanning Company Address the High Cost of Document Preparation?

One of the most complex steps in processing a paper document is identifying what type of document it is. If you are an organization that will be processing large volumes of documents that are highly variable in terms of the layout, then selecting a document scanning company possessing hardware, software and processes able to automatically identify the documents is a must have capability. Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) automates the identification and classification of all document types, reducing the amount of human intervention. This means the document scanning company can reduce their internal costs associated with prepping and sorting documents, as well as delivering the captured content to the right people and systems much faster which means a lower price and higher return on your document scanning investment.


Will the document scanning company be able to customize the solution to fit your business requirements versus changing your business processes to fit the technology?

If your organization has special needs or complex business requirements, you will want to make sure that these can be easily handled. If you have time-sensitive issues with getting some documents through the system faster than others, it is important that the document scanning company you select has ways to prioritize document processes.


Will the document scanning company be able to optimize the automated data capture so that the amount of manual data entry required is minimized?

As noted earlier, recognizing data from a form or document has come a long way, often to the point where a document can pass straight through without any or very little human intervention. However, if you are dealing with a set of unstructured documents where data is not always in the same location, then the document scanning company you select should have the capabilities like free-form extraction. The ability to automatically capture all key data from a document will further reduce any manual keying of data that would otherwise have to occur. To ensure the accuracy of the information, a document scanning company must include technologies to enforce business rules either through custom business rules or by connecting to other business applications and databases.


Will the document scanning company be able to leverage a capture solution across many different business processes?

Some document scanning companies are focused on a single industry or a single departmental document scanning service (e.g. invoice or claim processing). A document scanning company that is able to process all types of documents will enable an organization to leverage the solution across many parts of the business. A good example would be a healthcare organization considering a document scanning company for the capture for handling Explanation of Benefit (EOB) documents. Finding a document scanning company that can handle EOBs as well as other healthcare related documents will enable this type of organization to get the greatest return on their investment.


Can the document scanning company provide us with a complete, end-to-end solution?

The answer to this question helps you evaluate whether or not the document scanning company can address your complete business needs. Working with the right document scanning vendor can be a significant benefit reducing the number of parties involved in solving business problems enables an organization to communicate needs more effectively and as a result, get the most out of their investments.


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