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Peelle Technologies Document Scanning and Document Management Services Campbell, CA

Just In Time Information with Document Scanning

Provide Internet-based digital documents by starting with a document scanning service

“Does anyone know where the physical coding forms are?”

“Yes. They're in cabinet 4 near the new admissions forms.”

“I already checked there. Those forms are from 2003 – I need the current version.”

“Go check on the 3rd floor – I bet they have them. If they do, be sure to make some copies for us!”

Walk through the halls of many San Francisco and San Jose, California private and public organizations on any given day and you could hear a similar conversation. That's because staff handles thousands of hard copy documents daily and needs immediate access to the most up-to-date information. It is unlikely that paper will be fully eliminated from all business processes, but many organizations still fail to implement document scanning services and document management systems that could greatly increase operational efficiency and remove unnecessary expenditures.


Many organizations are reliant on hard copy documents. Each department typically needs access to its own specific documents and forms, as well as those used throughout the organization. With no document scanning service or document management system to keep forms updated across all departments, versioning control, lack of access and the potential to lose documents can be a major problem.


As if this is not challenging enough, many organizations rely on staff to spend time on the inventory, ordering, storage, replication and distribution of hard copy documents – time that could be better served on mission-critical activities to the company. Some organizations rely on outside print shops to produce paper manuals and large orders of forms, which is costly as often too much is printed, created wasted inventory.


Organizations need a document scanning service combined with a document management system to manage digital documents so that non-technical people across the organization can publish documents to a central repository where they can be made available for browsing, searching, downloading and printing.


But, like most organizations across the country, budgets are limited. In order to justify the expense of a document scanning service and a document management system, document scanning solutions have to reduce costs and increase efficiency while also considering the most valuable resource – time. A document scanning service combined with a document management system that requires extensive training to implement and use will not succeed within most organizations.


In today's economy, with limited budgets, complex systems with large price tags can be ruled out right away. Secure, Web-based document management systems are available from Peelle Tech who can combine outsourced document scanning services and technical support and maintenance of the document management solution. Products like Laserfiche and CingleFile are available at attractive price points and are terrific solutions for departments and small-to-medium sized organizations. With the help of Peelle Tech technicians, your organization can literally implement a full document management solution within 24 hours. Peelle Tech can work with you to help you outsource a document scanning service that converts all of your existing files as well as put you on a document scanning path.


A Peelle Tech document scanning and document management solution will include an easy-to-use interface for busy administrative staff that requires virtually no training. Peelle Tech's solutions include a Web-based interface without the need to install client software on any desktop or laptop. Peelle Tech's document scanning services are performed at the Peelle Tech document scanning facility in Northern California or optionally, at your site's location. All important files can be safely converted at this HIPAA-compliant document scanning facility.


In most cases, users don't need training. If they're familiar with a basic Web browser, then they have the skills to use the software, which can be as simple as dragging and dropping files into various collections. This tight integration and ease of use is a cornerstone of a Peelle Tech document scanning and document management solution.


Contact Peelle Tech, providing San Francisco and Sacramento document scanning services, at (800) 233-5006 or for more information.


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