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3 Considerations for Document Scanning Projects: Scanning Accuracy, Image Quality and Affordability

If you are considering a document scanning project, you want to make sure that you capture the highest percentage possible of your records. Secondly, you’re only going to scan your paper records once and for that reason you want the highest quality. You also have a budget – particularly given the Recession. This article discusses 3 important topics that you should consider when evaluating a document scanning service:

  1. Document Scanning Accuracy
  2. Digital Image Quality
  3. Affordability

Document Scanning Accuracy

No document scanning service provider will guarantee 100% document scanning accuracy. Even document scanning accuracy rates of 99.99% can lead to hundreds, even thousands of errors that result in lost documents during the document scanning process. How do you know that your document scanning service provider will provide industry-standard accuracy of all of your data so that you can minimize lost documents?


There are many factors that affect the accuracy of the document scanning process. Scanner equipment accuracy is typically a major issue when it comes to accurately automating the document scanning process. The paper quality (e.g. stretching and shrinking of paper is natural over time) itself can also be an important variable that determines whether or not your document scanning operation will produce an unacceptably high number of errors. If you are working with hand written documents such as hand drawn maps that are not precisely to scale, inaccuracies inherent in the data can be an issue.


In the end, the experience of the document scanning company is critical. The age of the company, the references and the experience of the staff all determine the collective experience of the document scanning provider. In addition, the financial health of the company you are dealing with can contribute to more accurate document scanning projects because financial health leads to newer equipment and better document scanning technologies. Match experience with the latest equipment and you’ll know that you are selecting a document scanning provider who can solve any document scanning accuracy issue.


Digital Image Quality

It’s one thing to perform the document scanning service accurately, but can the digital images be read? Are they of high quality? An accurately scanned record that can’t be read is of no use. Image quality definitions vary but generally speaking, you are measuring the perceived image degradation when compared to either the original paper document or an ideal, perfect image.


The right document scanning service provider will optimize and improve the image quality of your records during the document scanning process. Experienced operators using the latest scanning hardware can provide high quality images of 600 DPI or higher. For example, newer technologies can help prevent dust particle accumulation that can degrade image quality. Advanced image processing features such as shading and color correction can clean up documents and optimize their image quality.



The Recession has permanently changed organizational budgets. Document scanning accuracy and image quality are critical but so too is the right price.  Fortunately, newer technologies such as optical character recognition techniques, forms processing and automatic indexing add automation to the document scanning process. Automation reduces costs which are then transferred as lower prices to organizations seeking document scanning services.



If you have a substantial paper archive, you are already spending thousands of dollars on maintaining the archive. You’re also putting your organizational documents at risk if they are the only copies you have. Time lost dealing with the inefficiencies of search and retrieval adds direct expenses to your employees, citizens and customers.


The right document scanning service bureau can convert your paper records more accurately, at a higher quality and at the right price. Seek document scanning service providers that have built experienced teams with many production jobs under their belt as well as a large number of successful references. The quality of the technology the document scanning service provider uses can have a direct effect on the accuracy and quality of your documents. Do the job once and do it right with the right document scanning service provider.


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