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Control Your Budget with Electronic Document Management (EDM)


Electronic document management solutions are at an inflection point. Large and small organizations, public agencies and private companies know that data growth is wreaking havoc on IT infrastructures. Unstructured content (e.g. files, emails, videos, documents) is littered throughout organizations and electronic document management solutions seek to bring order to the chaos.


However, the Recession has caused labor shortages with no end in sight; IT budgets have been permanently restructured. Organizations are realizing that budgets aren’t coming back any time soon and survey after survey reveals that spending is down in training, travel, headcount and technology. The reality is that existing labor resources must deliver pre-Recession service levels to clients and citizens.


When it comes to technology purchases, organizations are mainly interested in affordable implementations that can provide a business with cost savings and efficiency gains that quickly contribute to cash flow. Electronic document management solutions are one such technology investment that organizations are investing in today to help bring IT requirements in line with current staffing levels.


This article highlights key business drivers and how organizations are achieving budget reductions with San Francisco electronic document management solutions.


Control Content Chaos with Electronic Document Management

Organizations are realizing that data growth rates are not abiding anytime soon. Most of the data growth that is occurring within companies and government agencies is unstructured content - scanned documents, Word files, emails, attachments, photo images and video - that continue to fill file shares and storage systems across the organization. Multiple copies, old copies that could be deleted, records that could be moved to archival media, etc. are all examples of information that organizations need to get a handle of.


Electronic document management solutions can help organizations attack unstructured information overload issues head-on by enabling organizations to better manage their information.  Departments and workgroups can customize their own electronic document management system and workflow to fit the unique business processes of their department. Single copies of information can be stored in one location to reduce duplicate files throughout the IT infrastructure. Official records can be archived using electronic document management so that the organization stays in compliance. Older files that are less frequently accessed can be moved off to less expensive, secondary storage. Combining electronic document management with business process management and workflow enables organizations to accelerate the flow of information throughout the department.


Electronic Document Management Reduces Risk and Keeps You in Compliance

Compliance covers a broad spectrum of issues from national and state regulations to unique, industry-specific regulations. Customer and supplier contract litigation, financial reporting/Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO quality programs, employee regulations and health and safety regulations are just a sampling of the compliance and regulatory requirements that organizations must keep up with. As a result, organizations are required to keep more information for longer periods of time. IT infrastructures are under enormous pressure to put retention and compliance strategies in place.


Electronic document management solutions can make it easier for organizations to comply with regulatory requirements and avoid the oftentimes large fines that can result when out of compliance. Electronic document management solutions bring archive, search and retrieval functionalities necessary for organizations to meet records retention requirements. Electronic document management solutions bring a framework for the management of unstructured content. 


Reduce Costs with Electronic Document Management Solutions

Improving efficiency and optimizing business process are two of the strongest business drivers for electronic document management solutions. Reducing office space storage, labor required to manage paper records rooms and shipping and printing costs are often cited as easy-to-identify cost savings. Less tangible costs include the ease with which employees can find information so that they are more productive, spending time on producing rather than searching.


Many companies and government departments start first with document-intensive departments. Once cost reductions are identified and accounted for within these departments, the electronic document management solution can be tailored and applied to other departments – often with very little implementation and training required.


Organizations that start with electronic document management can find additional savings by adding complementary software modules to their electronic document management solution. E-forms and workflow are just two examples of ways businesses and municipal organizations can find additional efficiency gains and cost savings. As the name implies, e-form technologies enable you to easily create and manage standardized, web-based forms that can automatically ingest the requested information into an electronic document management system.  Workflow allows a business to program the path documents should take through an organization based on key business rules while connecting the document workflow to the electronic document management system.



Electronic document management solutions are the cornerstone of controlling content chaos, ensuring that your organization is in compliance with regulations and meeting tough service levels with reduced staff and stagnant budgets. These benefits have always existed with electronic document management solutions, but perhaps they have never been as important given today’s economy.


Even if your organization doesn’t have up-front budgets to make the investment, reputable electronic document management companies are available to control capital expenditures with monthly plans and service-based solution options (e.g. document hosting and SaaS). Your organization should seek a trusted and experienced electronic document management reseller when trying to determine the right solution to fit your needs.


About Peelle Tech

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