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"Why Document Imaging is a Must-Have During a Tough Economy"

Organizations are faced with the grim reality that IT budgets are not coming back anytime soon. The people that were lost over the past two years are not likely be filled anytime soon. Unfortunately, IT requirements are not providing any relief either. Data continues to grow and the risk of falling out of compliance can have devastating effects to an organization – from brand to hefty fines.


Given the turmoil that has occurred, it is wise to reevaluate your business processes. Are your operations running at peak efficiency? It may seem counterintuitive to consider implementing document imaging and document management at a time when common sense says to bring in your spending. However, by investing in document imaging now, you can position yourself with the tools that you need to survive now while preparing your organization to thrive as the economic ice thaws. The document imaging and document management initiatives that you take during lean times will prepare you to surpass your competition when the economic picture turns.


Process Your Organization's Work More Efficiently with Document Imaging

The first step to gaining efficiency with a San Jose document imaging service is to reduce paper-based processes and transform them to electronic. Digitizing paper, indexing documents for quick retrieval and managing and protecting this content within a document management system will reduce storage costs and eliminate organizational risk by enabling digital data to be backed up and copied in the event that a disaster occurs.


However, this is just a start. Business process management (BPM) and workflow can provide your organization with huge dividends. The right document imaging and management solution can integrate with your existing software systems (e.g. customer service, billing, accounting). Legacy and proprietary systems can be integrated using the application programming interface (API’s) made available by the document management software vendor. BPM enables you to route documents, delivering them to the right person at the right time for processing. Even remote offices and workers in the field can gain secure access to your document management repository.


Document Imaging and Management Improves Compliance

An investment in document imaging and document management can help you avoid stringent compliance penalties that are enforced despite lack of IT budgets and headcount. Using document imaging services to transition to electronic processes shows a concerted effort to improve security and privacy measures. When you have document management software in place, you are able to produce information upon request without having to conduct manual searches that can take hours, even days. Document imaging and document management can simplify eDiscovery requests and lower the costs related regulatory audits.


Records management modules are also available that offer complementary compliance and eDiscovery solutions. Automatic retention and disposition can be combined with your document imaging and document management solution to remove the potential for human error in your compliance initiatives. Combined with document imaging, records management can guarantee that records are not destroyed prematurely and are not kept beyond the time period that is mandated by law. Document imaging, document management and records management provide the security to ensure that your records are secure and that HIPAA mandates are followed.


Optimize Your Investment by Finding a Document Imaging and Management Solution that Fits Your Size

Document imaging and management solutions exist on the market for all types of organizations. Smaller organizations can find document imaging solutions that have been specifically built with smaller organizations in mind - affordable, easy to use yet also robust so that you can compete with larger competitors. In addition, these document imaging and management systems are designed to grow as your organization grows. Larger organizations often purchase document imaging and management solutions from larger technology vendors with the breadth of offering to meet the many demands of various departments. Nonetheless, larger organizations often start with one department with plans to deploy the San Jose document imaging and management solution to multiple departments over time.


Regardless of your size, nearly all organizations can apply document imaging and management solutions to the back office. Contract management, HR (e.g. benefit enrollment documents, healthcare, personnel files) and legal can all integrate document imaging and management solutions with line-of-business applications to enhance worker productivity.


Self-Service Options for Customers and Citizens

Document imaging and management can also be applied to your customers and citizens by enabling them to become more self-sufficient and able to instantly access information that might currently be trapped inside your organization. For example, e-forms can enable customers to fill out information that data can then be integrated and stored within the document management system. That same data can then be used to update existing customer and citizen records without the need for employee intervention. Workflow technologies can enable customers to fill out and scan documents directly from your web-site.


If your organization has customer or citizen involvement in mind when evaluating a document imaging and management solution, ease-of-use should be a top priority. The only way to drive efficiencies from your document imaging and management system is with user adoption and the best way to get users to adopt is to make it painless and easy to use. This is one of the reasons that integration with existing systems could become important when evaluating a document imaging and management solution. Enabling users to continue to use familiar interfaces with a few new buttons related to document management features can go a long way towards driving user adoption throughout the organization.



Staying competitive requires you to keep a tight eye on budgets while simultaneously making investments that drive efficiency – regardless of the current economy. Consider a document imaging and management solution if you are trying to find ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of existing business processes. The right document imaging company will have years of experience and many successful document management projects deployed. That translates to best practices that can be applied to the unique requirements of your organization. A document imaging and management investment will pay off today yet also prepare you for tomorrow when the economy recovers.


About Peelle Tech

A San Jose document imaging company, Peelle Tech employs a team of experienced document imaging and document management professionals with a combination of hands-on production knowledge and technical expertise.

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