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Solving Business Critical Problems with Document Management

The amount of paper documents organizations manage continues to explode despite the digital revolution. Some argue that the amount of paper circling through organizations has actually increased. Higher volumes of paper can directly impact your bottom line. San Jose document management solutions offer the path to greatly reduce paper within your daily operations. Document management systems can help your organization achieve the following benefits.


Gain Efficiency and Productivity

Simply put, document management systems can help you deliver the right information to the right people. For example, document search tools can help your customer service representative answers questions in seconds rather than days. Workflow can automate your business process and prevent any one individual from becoming a single point of delay by alerting managers to employee action or inaction. A single document management platform can greatly reduce document misfiling, retrieval costs and copying costs. Gartner estimates that your organization can save 20% of your collective time by implementing document procedures that eliminate misfiling and enable workflow-based retrieval efficiencies. You can save up to 6,000 hours annually - 2.4 full-time staff positions with the right document management system. Document management systems enable your employees to work more efficiently, make decisions based on updated and correct information and collaborate more effectively with one another Ė dramatically increasing organizational efficiency and productivity.


Save Time

IDC, an analyst firm, estimates that an average employee will spend 20% of their day looking for information contained on hardcopy documents. 50% of that time, they canít even find what they are looking for. Document management systems facilitate faster and more accurate information searches. Document management solutions make it much easier for your employees to reduce the amount of time they search for information so they can spend more time serving your customers.


For example, your employees can save time in the following ways:

  • Reduce call-backs by locating information instantly so that an immediate answer can be delivered.
  • Drastically reduce the amount of money and time spent copying documents and moving hardcopy documents around the office and among branches.
  • Virtually eliminate the risk that a document will be lost and thus need recreating.

Increase Profitability with Document Management

Document management not only can lead to a reduction in upfront costs, but also long-term savings. IDC estimates that a document management system can produce a ROI in less than a year and produce a five-year ROI of 400%. The IDC study demonstrated that 50% of the organizations they studied had a six-month payback.


Document management systems drive profitability by both reducing cost and increasing revenue. Gartner estimates that a properly installed document management system can reduce your organizationís document-related costs by 40%. Example cost reductions include reduced overhead, lower on-site and off-site storage costs (driven by a reduction in paper), lower costs to comply with regulations and the reassignment of staff to different parts of the business. The time each one of your workers will save will help your organization drive more revenue. For example, your employees will spend less time trying to find information and more time interacting with existing customers and prospective clients. More customer face time will drive your organizationís client satisfaction (which can lead to more referrals) and make it more likely that youíll close more business. A document management system is an investment in your organizationís future success.


Increase Communication and Collaboration with a Document Management System

Document management systems make it easy to collaborate with fellow co-workers over the Internet. Everyone can view the same document at the same time. Users can check-in and check-out documents from the same document management repository so that there is no confusion as to which document is the most current version.


Enable Automation

Your organization and employees are constantly searching for information, taking action on that information and moving it every single day. This process is commonly referred to as a business workflow and any manual part of this process that involves interacting with paper can cost your organization time and money. The inefficiencies of paper-based processes divert your staff from the crucial business of making productive use of the information. Document management systems that include automated workflow capabilities drive efficiencies with document routing and management-level interfaces that enable the tracking of information as it flows through a well-defined workflow. A document management system combined with a workflow solution enables your workers to better spend their time on more productive tasks so that your organization can recapture lost hours and reduce overhead expenses, while improving the level of service you provide to your customers.


Peelle Tech is a San Jose document management company that has been serving California clients for over a decade.


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