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Section Two: Document Management Basics



A document management system should assist you in putting the right information in the hands of the right people. A quality system makes it possible for multiple users to access the same files at the same time and aids in distributing documents to authorized individuals both inside and outside your organization over an intranet, by e-mail or through publication to the Web, CD or DVD. A full-featured document management system safeguards an unalterable copy of the original while allowing you to enhance collaboration and service by circulating copies in the format that best serves your business needs.


Printing, faxing and e-mailing are several ways of distributing documents. Document management systems should promote the rapid copying of files to a CD or DVD. To be most effective, the document management system should support royalty-free CD or DVD duplication and contain viewers enabling people without a document management system to search for and view documents directly from the disc.


Print, Fax and Email

To maximize their usefulness, document management systems should support the most common printer and fax drivers and be able to print images, text and annotations. E-mail has become the default mode of communication in many organizations. Organizations obtain significant gains in efficiency and save considerable expense by transmitting documents via e-mail instead of using faxes, courier services or postal mail. Document management systems should have options that make it possible for images to be easily sent with any MAPI (Mail Application Program Interface)-compliant e-mail system and read by recipients without document management software.


Intranet and Internet

A document management system should provide a simple way to publish information to the Internet or an intranet. This allows organizations to share information with other departments, remote offices, clients or the public. Web systems should be fully searchable and must support the same security protocols as network systems. Ideally, a document management system will not require HTML or complex coding to post files to the Web.


When system administrators decide to deploy a document management system across their entire network through an intranet, or even to the public over the Internet, they should make it possible for users to search, retrieve and view documents with any Web browser. Browser-based document access removes the logistical problems associated with conflicts between computer platforms such as Windows, Macintosh® or Unix®.


Briefcases and Portable Volumes

Document management systems should enable users to carry important documents anywhere, enabling convenient viewing on other computers. When employees travel for business, they often need to bring key documents with them. Carrying paper documents is often impractical, and copying an entire repository to a laptop can be impossible. With a document management system that supports briefcases or portable volumes, documents can be detached or copied and moved to other repositories in other locations. Folders containing relevant documents can be transferred quickly and easily using searchable CDs that hold up to 650 MB of data—the equivalent of approximately 12,000 pages—or read-only DVDs, which have capacities ranging from 4.7 to 17.1 GB. If a document management system does not provide this level of document portability, users will find it difficult to bring their documents on the road or to transfer files between different offices. Briefcases and portable volumes help users transfer their documents to other offices, laptops or clients quickly and easily. Optical discs also weigh much less than paper files.


A full-featured document management system allows users to simply drag and drop the appropriate folders into a briefcase and transfer the briefcase to a laptop computer or a computer in a remote office. Portable volumes are high-volume briefcases that allow for constant updates to shared repositories in different locations. This ability is useful for organizations that use a scanning bureau on an ongoing basis, or for organizations with multiple offices. On many large-scale document management systems, the document files are stored on multiple drives or network volumes. Portable volumes allow entire volumes containing document images and text to be transferred in their entirety to another repository.


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