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Section Two: Document Management Basics



The introduction of new software and databases often creates logistical challenges for an organizationís computer support staff. Document management programs should offer packaged integration tools for simple image-enabling, to minimize the burden on IT support staff. To minimize disruptions to business operations, it is essential that a document management system integrate smoothly with other software applications, such as PeopleSoft®, geographic information systems (GIS), student information systems (SIS), customer relationship management (CRM) software, portfolio management tools and electronic medical records (EMR) applications currently in use.


Back-end characteristics facilitating integration include a system designed with open architecture. A system with open architecture is designed for easy integration. Hardware and software tools with open architecture enable anyone to create add-on products to connect the hardware or software to other devices.


A quality digital document management solution should provide information to make integration easier. This information might include a complete set of documentation, tools and sample code to speed systems integrations and customizations addressing your organizationís specific business needs, or it may include packaged integration solutions that deliver basic image enablement without a major investment of time or money. Packaged integrations can range from plug-ins for popular software programs, such as GIS, or additional modules supporting popular features, such as electronic signatures.


Back-End Integration

Because capturing and indexing documents is the most expensive component of implementing a document management solution, anything that can be done to eliminate or minimize these costs will provide a nearly immediate return on investment. Information that already exists in primary applications can be utilized to automatically index and file documents as they are captured. In most cases, this type of integration requires a very small investment and will eliminate most of the costs associated with indexing documents.


Front-End Integration

Front-end integration is especially important for organizations that utilize documents in a supporting role. These organizations want a document management solution that is as transparent as possible, given that staff members donít want to learn a new system just to gain access to supporting documentation. Because staff members already have a primary application they use to complete their daily tasks, the best way for them to access documents is through this familiar application. Image-enabling primary applications allows staff to quickly access the documents they need by simply clicking a button or pressing a function key.


The value of front-end integration is primarily realized in a reduction in training costs. Because staff members already know how to locate records in their primary application, they will not need to learn how to locate documents in the document management system. They will have to learn how to request the type of document they want and, if necessary, how to work with documents in an electronic format. However, this requires less time than teaching them how to utilize the complete system.


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