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Section Two: Document Management Basics


Storage and Archiving

Once documents are brought into the document management system, they must be reliably stored. Document management storage systems must be able to accommodate changing technologies and an organization’s future growth. A versatile document management system should be compatible with all storage devices currently available, as well as emerging systems, to provide long-term document storage and archiving.


Concerns about future readability of documents and records make many organizations hesitant to implement a document management system. With rapid changes in the technology sector, it is hard to predict what applications and hardware will be current five or ten years from now. However, the need for faster retrieval and improved records management means that most organizations cannot wait to implement solutions.


To address these concerns, document management systems should use non-proprietary image and text formats. Documents created and saved with obsolete versions of a program can be difficult or even impossible to read. Using proprietary formats for documents means that converting files from old versions can be a frustrating and expensive task. Storing document images or text files in a proprietary format may leave your organization dependent on the future success or failure of another company.


To ensure the future readability of documents, a document management system should store files in a non-proprietary format, such as TIFF or ASCII. ASCII has been a standard for text information since 1963 and is a basic building block for almost every text-based program. TIFF has been used as a standard non-proprietary graphics format since 1981. It is widely used to transmit document information by document management systems, fax machines and other software. Given the prevalence of ASCII and TIFF, it is reason able to assume that no matter what format is developed in the future, the developers of the new format will have a vested interest in providing a conversion for these standards. With proprietary document formats, there is no such assurance.


Records Management Considerations

Requirements for computer systems used to store and manage electronic records have been produced by the Department of Defense (DoD). DoD Standard 5015.2 has become the de facto standard across a wide spectrum of industries. While records management applications that have been certified as DoD 5015.2 compliant represent an objective, third-party evaluation, they do not guarantee regulatory compliance or records security.


For records managers concerned with archival storage, it is crucial to determine if you are considering a digital document management solution or a records management application, because there is a difference. While most records management applications include a document management component, not all document management systems are appropriate for records management. Records management is a specialized branch of document management that deals with information serving as evidence of an organization’s business activities. Records management includes a set of recognized practices related to the life cycle of that information, such as identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving and destroying records. Records management also includes archival issues- both assuring that permanent records are accessible and readable 100+ years into the future and protecting often fragile historical archives.


For complete information on records management, including specific issues pertinent to records managers, turn to Section Four, “Records Management Specifics.”


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