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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our agency is not geographically located near Peelle Tech. Is this a problem?

The physical location of a Housing Agency does not have any impact on the wait list projects. All of the planning and interaction can be done remotely. Onsite demonstrations and meetings can be arranged as requested but the entire process can be done using meeting and collaboration tools.


Can your company help us establish an online form that would remain available all year long?

Yes. Peelle can design a secure (HTTPS) form and even further, the form can be hosted in one of our data centers. You would simply have a link from your agency’s site to the form and the users would fill it out online. When the applicant selects the submit function, they will receive a confirmation code. The data they entered can be emailed or sent via FTP directly to the appropriate person at your agency. This data can be formatted exactly to the specification of your Housing Application software. As an option, Peelle can also generate a confirmation letter or card and send this out to the applicant.


How much time is required from the planning stage to the date when the wait list opens?

The time requirement is dictated by the size of the project, the services that are being planned and the resources an agency has available. If you plan to offer multiple applicant options (paper form & online form), we suggest a lead-time of two months. Planning, communicating and testing are the keys to a successful project. We encourage agencies to start the process as early as possible and to engage us in conversations two to three months in advance.


Our agency requires that we send out a request for proposal (RFP) to assist in selecting a vendor for our wait list project. Do you have an RFP template or a copy of another Agency's RFP?

We can provide you with an RFP template or a copy of another agency’s RFP. For additional consideration, we can put you in contact with other agencies who have contracted with Peelle for Wait List services to discuss their vendor approval process. Peelle has pre-approved contracts, specifically CMAS and MSA, that may eliminate the requirement and the cost of performing the RFP process.


What are the factors that determine the cost that our agency would pay for wait list services? 

Peelle’s fees are determined by project management time, technical development time, service selections (paper form, online form etc.) and on a transaction basis for paper applications. We can help your agency plan the most cost effective approach to the project and in addition, make suggestions that will save you time and financial resources.


Is your electronic form system available for us to purchase and install on our own network?

Our electronic form system is not available as a product currently and there are no plans to market it at this time.


Can we look at a sample electronic form website to see how the product works?

We have a few electronic form sites that can be demonstrated. It has proven to be very valuable for agencies to access, navigate and enter data into electronic form sites as a start to their planning and design efforts.


Contact Peelle Tech, located in California, at (800) 233-5006 or for more information.

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