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The Peelle Tech Difference



Peelle Tech has performed more wait list projects for agencies nationwide than any other company. Peelle Tech project teams have gained the knowledge and experience from each and will put this to work for your agency. In every project that has been completed to date there have been methods learned along the way to save costs, streamline the process or better improve the applicant experience. The goals and requirements for each are inherently unique and a cookie-cutter approach simply does not work. Simply stated there is no substitute for experience.


Resource Availability

Historically, Peelle Tech has used 18 staff members per Wait List project. This number includes project managers, technical leads, programmers, database designers, web designers, document preparation staff, imaging staff and data entry staff. These days, most housing agencies are being asked to do more with less in terms of budget and staffing resources. In many cases, an agency's internal resources are consumed with other priorities and the assembling an appropriate project team is extremely costly on a short term basis.


Proven Electronic Form System

The electronic form system is displayed to the user through a standard web browser as a website. Each website is established at a dedicated URL. The look, feel and graphic design can be adapted to mirror your agency's site as desired. Peelle has a unique data collection engine that was developed specifically for Housing Wait List projects. It is a redundant, powerful, proven data system with a simple interface to ensure that each applicant is offered a positive experience. The system that has successfully gathered hundreds of thousands of applicant records is available for your project. The data that each applicant enters into the form is "crushed" and preserved as a read-only record for retrieval or review as required.



Peelle performs all paper application handling and imaging processes from their 12,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Campbell, CA. This facility is a single tenant building owned and occupied only by Peelle. The document handling areas have key-code access doors, dual security camera systems and is only accessible by Peelle's employees or escorted guests when non-secure materials are present. Peelle's data centers are tier 1, Class A colocation spaces with access only granted to Peelle employees with security clearance after a biometric hand scan, surrendering a government issued ID. All servers are powered through a direct circuit with backup batteries capable of powering the equipment during a power failure. Backup generator and diesel are onsite to power the facility for any extended outages. The faculty is certified under a SAS 70 Type 2. All of Peelle's serves are redundant in terms of their components and even further, an identical set of backup servers is located at a second colocation facility.



There are a number of regulations and guidelines that must be followed when collecting, storing or processing private information. Due to the nature of the Wait List information that is typically gathered, it is not unusual that private information will be requested on both paper and online forms. This dictates that levels of physical and logical controls are in place for handling the paper applications and online forms. Peelle's hosting facility and document handling facilities undergo an extensive third party security assessment assuring that all appropriate controls are in place to handle banking information and other highly confidential material. Peelle has competed a SAS70 audit ensuring that these practices and safeguards are established.



Peelle has developed an algorithm to assign applicant ranking either by a completely random method or though a configurable module that determines whether an applicant will meet program eligibility or preference guidelines and assign a ranking number accordingly. Peelle performs all ranking as a disinterested third party to meet the requirements that many agencies require.


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