Tips for Checking Your Construction Quality

Real estate developers are undoubtedly competing to offer more residential units to their customers at lucrative prices. Consequently, buyers should pay attention to ensuring the quality of the houses they purchase. If planning to invest in a new home or build a custom one, here’s how to check its construction quality.

Check the Soil

The soil type and quality where the building stands are crucial. Soil type differs from one place to another. However, it determines the building’s ability to withstand challenges like an earthquake. Variety and quality also determine whether soil can withstand the weight of a high-rise. Black cotton and clay-rich soil types are not suitable for construction.

Structural Design

Understanding the building’s structural design is not easy for a layman. Therefore, property owners should work with experts to determine whether the architect created an excellent structural design for the building. Assessing the structure will enable you to decide whether or not it can withstand an earthquake of a specific magnitude.

Concrete Mix

Concrete strength determines the load that a building can carry or bear. Developers monitor the strength and quality of the concrete during construction. However, preparing and checking the concrete mix throughout becomes difficult with time. Therefore, work with a reliable and reputable builder to ensure the concrete mix meets quality standards.

Check Safety Features

Ensure that the builder took all necessary safety measures like building a house with proper earthquake resistance, fire exit, and features for emergency evacuation. Also, check the space and size of the stairway.

Check the Wall Thickness

Your developer should mention the walls’ width in your layout contracts. Therefore, go around the building to check if the builder met these requirements. Also, try making a hole on the wall to determine whether the builder used low-quality materials.

Check Plastering and Paint Quality

Check the outer walls to determine whether plastering and paint meet high-quality standards. Uneven cracks on the plastering indicate lousy quality. Quality wall paint enhances visual appeal while improving the longevity of the wooden spaces and walls.

Your builder should focus on meeting the highest quality standards in every step of your construction project. Use these tips to check your construction quality before parting ways with the contractor.…